Institutional Wellness programs support childrens Mental Health

 The immense technological advances the increased social life and issues such as drug abuse have contributed to stress and strain. Changing family trends such as working mothers, divorces single parent families have reduced the emotional cushioning provided so far by most of the Indian families -Researcher says that 50% of the psychological issues start at the age of 14 and 75% at the age of 24 -Research also says one in five young people of age 13 to 18 live with psychological issues and it goes undetected and untreated -14% children suffer from psychological disorders, one student every hour commits suicide in India. Suicide 2nd leading cause of death for the ages 10-24. -That means in a classroom of 25 students, 5 will experience a psychological illness.

Objective of Institutional Wellness Initiatives

One of the aims of Value Education is to facilitate development of an integrated and well-adjusted individual. As children grow and develop physically, they also develop emotions, cognition, language, morals and values.

The Main Objective of Institutional Wellness Services are:

★ The primary goal is to give services is to enhance and promote student learning.

★ To provide supports and resources to students, to their families and to educators on handling the Behavioral and Emotional issues also promoting overall wellness.

★The core functions consist of counselling, consultation, planning and coordination; prevention and education.

★To provide assistance, guidance and counselling to every child in need. Special attention to slow learners and under performers with learning and behavior problems.

★ Awareness & Capacity Building program for adolescents, parents and Teachers.

★ On the basis of Objectives the services for school counselling can be divided in two parts namely Direct Services and Indirect Services.

Adolescence is a critical period for mental, social and emotional wellbeing. During this time the brain will go through significant developmental changes, creating neural pathways and behavior patterns that will last later in life.

 As their brains are still developing they are open to positive and negative influences of the youth development strategies like social and emotional learning and behavioral modeling. Adolescents developing brains along with hormonal changes make them more prone to depression and sometimes more likely to engage in risky and thrill seeking behaviors than either younger children or adults.

Counselling on mental, social and emotional health needs of this age group is an important factor.Counselling needs of Child:

· Persistent sadness, hopelessness, worry, anxiety, fearfulness.

· Constant anger, overreact.

· Preoccupation with physical illness or their own appearance.

· Fear of controlling his own mind.

· Sudden unexplained drop in grades.

· Loss of interest in activities

· Change in sleep pattern

· Getting isolated

· Hearing voices

· Violence activities.

· Obsessive behavior

· Phobias

· Regular Nightmare.

 Counselling gives the child the opportunity to talk about how they feel without the fear of judgement. Speaking to a counsellor away from their home and school life can take away some of the pressure. We offer a safe environment and help to understand the feelings and its cause. 

Aim is to help individual to cope better with their feelings and enjoy life again. Our main objectives are to enhance and promote student learning, awareness, capacity building emotional and behavioral support to student’s families and faculty enhancing skills and capabilities promoting overall well-being of the institutions.

 “guidance and counselling in harmony with the goals of education, aims to facilitate maximum personal development of students in all spheres of life.” Guidance and counselling not only helps students to develop an understanding of one self and of others, it also supports students to deal with their personal- social, academic and career related concerns.

 It facilitates development of effective study habits, motivation, identifying learning or subject related problems, helping students to see the relevance of academic years in life and for future, developing skills, right attitude and interests to help making a choice in career etc.

 Guidance and counselling, thus, promotes holistic development of every student. In our platform we focus on promoting resilience, self-esteem and overall well-being of students of all age groups and we are dedicated to provide integrative services that supports their academic achievements with leading a healthy life.The impetus of the programme is dual in nature, with a strong focus on clinical aspects of working with the young population, as well as building resilience and better coping mechanisms through non-clinical workshops and seminars.

 Our multi-disciplinary team works collaboratively to ensure the best service provision under one roof for all child and adolescents We aim to help students to cope better with their feelings and enjoy life to the fullest. We help the students in building a strong mindset and a healthy outlook over all.

 Value education and student overall development guide for healthy living physically and psychologically with strong base of resilience and integrity. Every child is special and within each one, there is a higher Potential waiting to be unlocked. An educator plays a dynamic role in unleashing the child's hidden capabilities by understanding his mindset and behavioral pattern. This way the child can be moulded and nurtured to achieve full potential.

Highlights of the Institutional Wellness Programs

We curate and put forward different skill training modules for different age groups in accordance with their age appropriate requirements.

- We prioritize their needs depending upon their capabilities by assessing the Intellectual Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Social Quotient (SO), and Adversity Quotient (AQ). - Identification of Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Autism and other developmental & neurological disorders, thus providing guidance accordingly.

- We provide both Virtual (online) and in person Workshops, Webinars, Skill training programs, Individual and Group Counselling sessions.

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