Internship for Psychology Students

 Learning about psychology field is never limited to classroom lectures. The application of the learnt lessons to real life experience is what adds value and life to profession. It’s eye-opening experience to understand how to stand and think on your feet. 

 We all come across a lot psychology internship opportunity that say and promise to do and provide a lot of things and yet ends up with landing in same theoretical classers.

 If you are someone who wants experience something out of the box and explore beyond the routine theory classes, then this is for you. We are a team of Experts who is making things possible by understanding exactly your needs and providing suitable knowledge and exposure to strengthen your abilities and skills by our Best Psychology Internship Programs.

 We are bridging the gap between the academics and real life experience by smooth reliable transition, we are aimed at making student psychologist transform into a confident practicing psychologists with our advanced modules and programs.

This comes in various models and courses that suites every individuals needs and goals with added benefits as follows

• These Internship opportunities also throw light on understanding the career paths

• Assist you to gain valuable experience that can be an added to your resume

• Helps to form professional networking

• Provide you with help required to gain academic credits

• Enhances your counselling skills and capabilities

• Guide you to learn and understand your strengths, styles of application, weaknesses and interests.

 Basilmind is registered with MSME, ISO certified organization and recognized by startup India that providing a platform for the psychology aspirants to learn and enhance their counselling skills. Also, it is an affiliated center of and is authorized to conduct this certificate course. Basilmind is known for its commitment and excellence in the field of Coaching & Training in Psychology and has a stronghold across India.

 We bring together experience, skill, and knowledge together with our Internship opportunities for budding psychologists to enhance their skills and widen their knowledge by broadening their career opportunities.

 The organization consists of a team of psychologists and therapists specializing in various fields of Psychology like Counselling, Clinical, Organizational, School, Applied psychology, Psychotherapy, Drug dependency, Forensic & Positive Psychology, etc. It has been rendering its services under the supervision of RCI licensed & eminent psychologists.

 Keeping in mind the need for exposure and experience for all psychology students to gain a strong understanding about the profession, we curated best online psychology internship programs to provide everything required by young upcoming psychologists to face the competitive world with the right approach in one place making it an easy fun-filled learning experience.

We have different types of programs depending on different types of needs and requirements of the students with guaranty in quality of learning and exposure to various fields of interest under psychology.

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