Body Shaming in Teenagers, What It Is, And How Counseling Can Help You Overcome It

 Welcome to the most exciting phase of human life! You are in the best years of your life. Hold on, you do not completely agree with these sentences, as you are struggling with emotional ups and downs because of negative body image? Still, you keep remembering that snarky comment someone threw on you? Making you feel self-conscious about your own body and appearance?

 Well, you need not think in that way. And don't worry, you are not alone. You might have known that many celebrities have been body-shamed multiple times.

 Whether girl or boy, skin color, or body size, we all experience such emotions. This act of brutality can affect us mentally and emotionally. It may lead to lower self-esteem. No one has the right to judge anyone based on physical appearance.

 We can neither control other people's thinking nor completely avoid such people. Then how should we act? How to deal with body shaming? Here are the ways to overcome body-shaming emotions. 

Recognize Body Shaming

 The first step in dealing with body-shaming is to realize that it is happening. As a result, overcoming, recognizing, avoiding, and dealing with body shaming may be easier for you. "You've put on too much weight" or "You're so thin, you need to eat even more" are painful kinds of body shaming. 

 However, you should be aware of subtle forms of body shaming hidden under sarcasm. This is a challenging situation that can make you feel uncomfortable.

Body Positivity Is Vital

 Body positivity is the first step against body shaming. Body positivity is accepting and knowing that self-esteem is crucial for mental wellness. You should love your body shape and skin color. Rejoice in your good health. Be thankful for what you have rather than what you want.   

 If you lack self-esteem, no amount of counseling can help. Don't be worried about what other people think of you. Love your body the way it is. You are human, and no one is perfect. Therefore, be proud of your appearance.

 If you want to improve your appearance, just don't do it for others' validation. Do it to improve your health or self-esteem. Body shaming ends when you embrace body positivity.  

Accept: Stop Avoiding  

 It's sad to know that victims of body shaming hide. It can mean hiding from the world, concealing up, or preferring to be 'invisible.' This doesn't seem right. Life is too short to hide. How can you enjoy life if you always fear what others may think?  

 Get over it and start embracing and accepting your body. Speak up! Take small steps to overcome situations that make you uncomfortable. For example, you avoid going to the mall for fear of running into someone you know and hearing their comments; you should overcome this. 

 Should body-shaming limit your potential in life? NO! Take small steps and notice how you feel. You'll get over your fear and quit hiding.   

Embrace Yourself 

 The world is full of bullies, and you don't want to be one of them. So be kind to yourself. Respect, self-love, and kindness are required. Practice Self-love, positive self-talk, and body love.  

Stand in front of the mirror and learn to love your body. Don't be self-deprecating since your inner bully might knock you down. Take care of yourself, remember your strengths, and quit seeking perfection. Aim to be good, not perfect.

How Can Body-Shaming Affect Mental health? 

Body shaming can negatively impact an individual in a variety of ways. It may result in the following: 



★Low self-esteem

★Body dysmorphic

★Disorder Eating disorders

 If you're struggling with body shaming, seek professional help before it affects your mental health. Online mental health counseling is available at Basilmind. Let our counselors help you deal with negative emotions and body shaming healthily.

Always remember: Be yourself. Wear Confidence. You are beautiful in your own way.