10 Better ways to help an anxious child calm down

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10 Better ways to help an anxious child calm down Telling anxious kids to “calm down” or “buck up” doesn’t work. Here’s what does. Ever been at a loss as to how to help your child when he/she is anxious? For example: ★ A child arrives at a birthday party excited but becomes too worried to walk throu...

5 Important things to remember about your child development centre

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5 Important Things To Remember About Your Child Development Centre Parenting brings a lot of joy to our life. Seeing our children grow makes us happy, but at the same time, like every parent, we too a little worried about our child’s development. Do you concern about whether your child is on track o...

How child psychologists help children reach their full potential

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Do you know that, according to the World Health Organisations (WHO), half of the mental health issues begin at the age of 14? Isn’t it a shocking statistic? So early detection and treatment of such issues are so crucial. We all know that childhood is a time of discovery and learning and hardship and...

How to use smartphones effectively for your childs development

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Technology has made our lives easier. The smartphone is one of the widely used technology gadgets. It has become an indispensable tool in everyday life. It is no more surprising how toddlers learn and handle smartphones with great ease!. Moreover, it’s a new normal for kids to have their own smartph...
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