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The Child Development Centre’s aim to provides a community based service for infants through to pre-school children with additional support needs.

 CDC group of Professionals have a strong commitment towards engaging children with Autism and other developmental disabilities in more meaningful functional activities.

 We assist your child to lead a blissful life and your families carry those long lasting impressions which you dreamed off. Basilmind Child Development centre is best and professional therapist for Autism

Therapy and ADHD and speech difficulty. to change something in their lives, 

★ Develop methods to improve attention, performance reasoning abilities & do their daily tasks by themselves.

★  Speech therapy for children suffering from Autism speak fluently and understand both verbal & non-verbal communication better.

★Behavior therapy helps your child to identify negative or repetitive thought and replace it with useful ones. This can be done through role-playing, games, painting etc.

★Developing coping strategies such as building routine, socializing activities, good sleep hygiene & relaxation skills helps children facing depression overcome it.

★Learning plans customized to meet individual child needs for children with learning disabilities

"Ensuring the Development of a Child's Whole Self ,Assuring a Child's Holistic Growth"

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 "Ensuring the Development of a Child's Whole Self Assuring a Child's Holistic Growth ”

Maximise your child's happiness and welfare in the areas of learning, mental health and wellbeing. You can better understand what's going on with your child and inside your family dynamic.

 We examine what is going on with your child and your family and will collaborate with you to identify the underlying causes of your child's emotional or behavioural issues.

 We teach you how to engage with your child in ways that promote long-term, healthy social and emotional growth. You can devise techniques to increase your bond with your child.

Developing these approaches will lay the groundwork for future interactions. With therapy, children develop better resiliency and social and emotional well-being, which will serve them well throughout their lives.


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Thanks to Basilmind for helping my child with occupational therapy . After many sessions my child is so much better in carrying her daily tasks. She can eat and get ready all by herself. It fills my heart !!!


Visited Basilmind to get my son’s development assessment done a couple of weeks back. As a mom raising a special child, its really not money that comes in the way most of the times. The inclination to give the child a chance to attain its full potential is the prime most factor of all. 


My childhood was traumatized because of emotional abuse by parents that led to anxiety and depression in adulthood. My sincere thanks to Basilmind for connecting me to the best psychologist to relieve me from pain.


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