One Month Internship Program: Customized Internship Program or Tailored Psychological Clinical & Counselling Internship Program

  This internship is a grab to all the Students who are in hurry and swamped with academic work yet want to get the best internship experience covering their academic requirements alongside gaining understanding and knowledge about the profession.

 This internship program was designed keeping in mind the academic requirements and students’ struggle in finding the right opportunity under one roof. This is aimed to reduce students’ stress in getting what they are looking for making the experience worthwhile.

 Experts are flexible and practical with their teachings making them easy for understanding and allowing them to explore their abilities under a conditioned environment with constant supervision. The hybrid model allows students to under and gains exposure with real-time evaluation making learning fun-filled and achieving valuable skills.

 Customized Psychology Internship Program enables students to gain one-on-one mentorship from experts with at-most attention, guidance, and evaluation. And lifetime access to peer support groups and mentor guidance.

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