Make Yours a Happy Workplace!
"An employee assistance program is a benefit that is offered to employees to help manage a variety of potential challenges that might affect job performance."

Self-Help Tools

Self Help tools are designed for employees to manage their well-being at the workplace.

Boost Productivity

We measure the utilization, efficacy and quality of the workforce and its impact on productivity.

Positive Work-Environment

An EAP can help a troubled employee by providing support as well as an outlet to discuss their issues. Focus on Inclusive and Holistic Wellness We are dedicated to provide overall wellness and promote healthy living to the employees and their families.

Employee Engagement Program and Recreational Activities 

Workplaces are designed to no longer be hectic, boring and tedious anymore. We design the best practice that makes your office culture active, happy and full of life by introducing various employee engagement activities and programs.

The Mental Health Of Employess Has Never Been More Important!

We are a team of highly trained and qualified psychologists,
who will bring out the best in your Employees


1 in 5 Indians Suffer From depression due to workload

42% of private sector employees have General Anxiety Disorder.

46% of private sector suffer due to stress as result of work pressure


65% of corporate workers suffer from work-related stress Stress causes around one million workers to miss work every day.


Excessive burnout causes repercussions not only physically but psychologically.



EAP services are designed for the development & Growth of the organisation and its employees. It caters to promote wellness for all the employees.


Our Services include workshops, webinars and activities planned and executed by our experts according to your organization’s needs, size, and budget.


These programs are deliberately kept at a reasonable price so that all the emerging companies can have access to EAP services and gain benefit out of them.

We customize the topics and programs according to the need and budget of your organization.

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