1. What is Psytrain?

 Psytrain is a part of Basilmind that handles the Internship opportunities and Student Psychologists’ Skill training programs. We are a registered and certified organization by MSME, ISO, and also Recognised by Start-up India providing authentic certifications and training programs.

 2. Do I get paid?

 No, currently we are not paying interns we are focusing on only training the interns on charge basis.

3. Is it a Free internship Program?

No, it’s a paid internship opportunity and the fee depends on the course and its duration.

4. Can I do an internship in my first year?

Yes, anyone who is passionate to learn and grow are always welcome but the eligibility criteria vary from course to course, so we request you to choose the right one that is suitable for your needs to learn with us.

5. How to register?

Please select the course that you want to do and add to the cart, fill in the details and proceed to payment. If you are facing any issues or need support do connect with the team – info@basilmind.com

6. What are the types of internships available?

There are various modules of Internship programs are available depending on the duration and course content of training and additionally many specific skill training courses are available, among them most frequently taken courses by the budding psychologists are Basic Clinical and Counselling Psychology Internship, Advance Clinical And Counselling psychology skills, Psychology Skill Enhancement Programs Customized Clinical and Counselling Internship Program.

7. How to get my certificate of completion?

 Certificates will be issued on completion of the course duration and should have a minimum of 75% attendance, with all the assignments submitted.

8. Will there be classes daily?

 The classes would be on weekends and every two days once depending on the course taken and in customized internship plans classes would be held based on the convenience of expert and Interns.

9. Are you providing shadowing sessions?

 Yes, (subject to availability and upon gaining consent from clients)

10. Will I be getting notes and assignments?

 Yes, the assignments and notes will be shared after each class and will be given enough time to work on.

11. How many hours of internship is this?

 Subject to change based on the course you take. Have an option to do customization based on the hours of requirement.

12. Can I Drop in between and re-join after some time?

 Yes only for emergency and valid reasons. But we suggest you not to do so, as you will miss the flow and to start coping with the next new batch and joining back depends on the availability of seats for that specific course.

13. How long the average theory class would be?

 It ranges from 45 min to 240 min depending on the course.

14. What is the mode of Internship opportunity?

 Online through google meets and in customized course Hybrid Model (subject to change)

15. Do I get any discounts if we join a group?

 Groups will get a discount of 10% if more than 3 are joining.

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