Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits to achieve superior physical and psychological well-being. It includes mental and physical health, physical and emotional safety, and a feeling of belonging, sense of purpose, achievement and success.

 Basilmind is platform that promotes resilience, self-esteem and overall well-being of students of all age groups and we are dedicated to provide integrative services that support their academic. 

 Basilmind’s Institutional Wellness Program aims to help the students, faculties and parents collectively.

★ Create positive mental and physical viewpoint in oneself.

★ To foster critical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving.

★ To provide the students with career ready skills, attributes and values.

★ To assist the students take ownership of their studies, career and life.

★ Awareness & Capacity Building program for adolescents, parents and Teachers.

Enhance essential skills like communication, time management, goal achievement, etc.

"Encourage a Wellness Culture Among Employees Together let’s achieve it"


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"Encourage a Wellness Culture Among Employees Together let’s achieve it"

Wellness sessions cater for your Physical Fitness - Encourages healthy living choices.Incorporates positive relationships and social connectedness both inside and outside the workplace.

 The goals of emotional/mental wellness are stress reduction, substance abuse and mental health screening and treatment.

 We help you achieve wellness in intellectual and professional areas.



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Our students and teachers have taken many counselling session from Basilmind. I work at Spring Dale Public school and can surely say my students becoming more responsible for their behaviour, have been able to identify their strengths & weakness. So glad our school signed up for School Counselling by Basilmind!!!


The Psychologists who conduct training and counselling sessions are sooo friendly!!! And they know how to make my students interested in learning. My students have learnt to develop positive feelings towards themselves and fellow students. This is helped a lot in regaining their interest in studies and activities. My sincere gratitude to the whole team!! Keep it up you guys😊


Truly life changing!! I am blown away with the impact counselling has had on my students. Though running a school is called a business, me and my colleagues desire is to provide the best for our students and make learning easier and interesting. That starts with good mental health. Soo soo thankful to Basilmind and the team for making it possible


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