Introduction to Memory Training

 Memory is the ability to retain and recall information, it begins with memorization, paying attention to the stimuli, encoding information received, storing it, and retrieving it whenever required. Forgetting is the main problem of poor memory which is caused in general by poor attention or concentration, lack of proper understanding, stress, and anxiety while in some cases it is a result of underlying health conditions, genetics, and brain function damage. 

 Memory training is the process of helping all ages of individuals sustainably develop and improve memory and attention. It is intended to improve memory using a combination of remedial and compensatory strategies, which resolves shortcomings of the memory system and weaknesses. It aims at improving working and long-term memory and concentration.

 Our comprehensive diagnostic methods evaluate and allow us to identify the issues related to memory and attention which helps us to intervene with the right intervention needed to support improving memory that best suits the individual needs.

What are the signs of memory deficit or memory issues?

  Need for frequent reminders

  Difficulty in focussing multiple things at once

  Trouble in memorizing or expressing ideas

  Forgetfulness’ 

 Confusion in understanding many things at once and missing things.

In some individuals, long-term memory deficit shows signs such as getting lost even in familiar places, difficulty in remembering things or memorizing facts, trouble retrieving information, and poor retention of information. How does memory training work and applicable?

 Memory training is designed in such a way using the scientific evidence-based exercises and strategies that enhance the memory power of an individual effortlessly with some most effective tasks and activities. These activities are specially curated according to individual needs

 By taking the memory training an individual can perform better in achieving cognitive goals and processes, which also provides strong memory power-enhancing brain function, and creativity making the individual experience a more positive life.

 Memory training is scientifically proven to be effective in improving plasticity, intellectual capabilities linked with IQ, and other mental health factors over a period of time. This training plays a major role in treating children with ADHD and other cognitive disorders improving their attention and concertation.

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