Importance of School Counselling 

 We believe every child is special and within each one there’s a higher potential waiting to be unlocked. An educator plays a dynamic role in unleashing child’s hidden capabilities by understanding age appropriate needs, mindset and behavioral patterns which enables the child to get moulded and nurtured to achieve full potentials.

 School Counselling is a facilitative and curative function emphasizes on promoting child’s positive well-being accommodating smooth transition during different phases of life. It not only helps students to develop an understanding of one self and of others, it also supports students to deal with their personal- social, academic and career related concerns. 

 School counselor aid in development of effective study habits, identifying learning or subject related problems, helping students to see the relevance of school years in life and for future, developing skills, right attitude and interests to help making a choice in career choices understanding their strengths and weakness making holistic development and progress.   

 Issues of well-being and psychological competence are not confined only to students but the entire institutional community including faculty, administration and members of the surrounding community. Specific emotional wellness and skill development programs addressing these issues improve coping skills, decrease stress, and increase support for a healthy Institutional community.  

 School Counsellor plays a major role in developing psychosocial competence which acts as a bridge between academic and real life experience. Psychosocial competence is a person's ability to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. The most significant interventions for the promotion of psychosocial competence in schools are those which enhance the child's own coping resources and competencies.  

These are: 

★Decision making and problem solving

★Critical and creative thinking


 Interpersonal relationship skills

★Self-awareness and empathy

★Skills for coping with emotions and stressors

 One of the aims of School Counselling is to facilitate development of an integrated and well-adjusted individual. With growing age and physical development children also develop emotions, cognition, language, values and morals which need to be provided and addressed in right direction. 

School Counsellor plays an integrative role in achieving the following:

★The primary goal is to give services is to enhance and promote student learning.

★The core functions consist of counselling, consultation, planning and coordination; prevention and education. ★To provide assistance, guidance and counselling to all children and special attention to slow learners and under performers with learning and behavior problems.

★ Awareness & Capacity Building program for students, parents and faculty.

★ Adolescence can be a critical period, during this time brain will go through significant developmental changes, creating neural pathways and behavioral patterns that will last later in life affecting mental, social and emotional wellbeing. 

  As their brains are still developing they are open to positive and negative influences of the youth development strategies like social and emotional learning and behavioral modeling. Adolescents developing brains along with hormonal changes make them more prone to depression and sometimes more likely to engage in risky and thrill seeking behaviors than either younger children or adults.

Counselling on mental, social and emotional health needs of this age group is an important factor.

 Counselling needs of Child:

•Persistent  sadness,hopelessness,worry,anxiety,fearfulness

•Constant anger,overreact

•Constant preoccupied sense of physical illness or their own appearance

•Fear of controlling his own mind

•Sudden unexplained drop in grades

•Loss of interest in activities

•Change in sleep pattern

•Getting isolated

•Hearing voices

•Violence activities

•Obsessive behavior


•Regular Nightmares

 School counselor helps the child to talk about how they feel without the fear of judgement. Speaking to school counselor can take away some of the pressure, insecurities, fears and stress. Offering a safe environment, helps to understand the feelings and its causes thus help individual to cope better with their feelings and enjoy life again. 

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