IQ-Assessment Service and benefits

 Intelligence Quotient (IQ) or intelligence assessment is a very important evaluation tool for understanding the abilities and overall achievement of the child in order to gain insight into how a child functions in academic settings making it easier for parents and teachers to know the child’s capabilities with regards to learning, academics, skills and general functions of life. It is a way to comprehend and provide assistance to the overall learning capacity of the child.

 It helps the school management to know practicing the right & effective approach teaching to children based on their cognitive abilities, strengths, and weakness by understanding their IQ levels.

 It also gives a chance for parents to understand their child’s ability so that they can set some realistic expectations. Though IQ assessment won’t cover the entire aspect of intelligence, it definitely helps in offering the right guidance and support needed for the child in regard to their IQ levels. 

 IQ assessment plays a very important role in evaluating a child with hearing impairment, learning disabilities, uniquely abled, psychological strengths, and weaknesses. After the age of 4 years and up to 8 years is the best age for children to take an IQ assessment, in children less than that age it is difficult and too unpredictable.   

What are the benefits of taking an IQ test?

• To evaluate and identify the “Gifted Children”

• Providing diagnostic insights

• Helps in identifying vulnerable kids who need immediate care and support. 

 In Basilmind we offer a series of psychometric tools and tests that are administered by professionals who are highly qualified and experienced. Our experts have years of experience in working with and understanding children who are hard to understand. Nevertheless, a single test cannot tell about the entire aspects of a child hence our experts gather adequate information about the child and works with internationally accepted tools.

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