The low mood has often become quite common among everyone nowadays, we all experience at some or other point disappointments, dissatisfaction, stressful events, isolation, loneliness, and many more things which quite makes it inevitable to escape or avoid the low mood. It upsets us when something doesn’t work out as we expected causing us to feel low, unhappy, lonely, dissatisfied, and disconnected. Low moods could be a result of physical, biological, emotional, and social factors that could trigger a disturbance in moods.

 A low mood is an emotional state where a person experiences prolonged sadness, dissatisfaction, and a lack of interest in doing almost everything that he usually does.

 A prolonged low mood disorder can cause the negative impacts on health leading to depression, mood disorders, emotional, physical, and psychological imbalances, affecting the behaviour, cognition, and thinking of the individual making them feel worthless, meaningless, low self-esteemed, no joy in living or doing anything and makes them vulnerable and prone to suicidal.

 The research conducted by WHO says that India is the most depressed country where approximately 6.5% of the Indian population suffers from severe mental health issues, 10.9 for every lakh of people experience suicidal thoughts.

What are the symptoms of Low mood disorder?


★Anxious or panicking

★Unknown or known fears

★Dissatisfaction with everything

★Anger and frustration more often

★Sleeplessness or oversleeping

★Extreme eating or reduced hunger

★Loss of pleasure and no interest in doing almost everything, even the things they usually enjoy

★Low self-confidence and motivation

★Low sexual drive

 Some people will get better after a few days and become normal while some people hold to the issue and continue to feel prolonged low moods which results in adverse mental health issues. If an individual feel low moods that last more than 2 weeks it could be an alarming sign of depression.

 During this time the person feels extreme hopelessness, cannot concentrate on everyday things, loses interest, and cannot find enjoyment in anything, and some people experience self-harming and suicidal thoughts.

 We at Basilmind provide a safe, non-judgemental space where our experts help you in enhancing your mood and bringing you back the joy of life with advanced holistic approaches. We understand every strong person also needs a support and guidance at some or other point of life to rebuild, regain, and reignite the strength within. 

At Basilmind we promote and provide Integrative Mental health care and Holistic wellness.

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Mail Id: info@basilmind.com


 We are not a medical service or suicide prevention helpline. If you are feeling suicidal, we would suggest you immediately call up a suicide prevention helpline eg Vandrevala Foundation Helpline – 1 860 266 2345 (24×7), Aasra – +91 22 2754 6669 (24×7).

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