We all face problems in our day to day life in one or other aspects of our life where the intensity of the effect of the problem might vary in range, we all face the challenges and obstacles in reaching our goals or in getting what we want these obstacles and challenges are considered as problems.

The problems might arise from various intrinsic or extrinsic factors which are either man-made or situations based that contribute to blockages that create a lot of physical and mental disturbances leading to stress, burnout, lack of confidence, and reduced motivation in students making it difficult to understand and cope with academic requirements.

 These problems cause stress, and the inability to understand and solve the problem will be more stressful and hazardous. Problem-solving skill is not innate but learned behavior and skills that help us better cope with obstacles, and blockages to find suitable, best applicable, effective solutions that help in solving issues and reducing stress.

The major problems that are seen in students which affect their abilities in learning and other cognitive aspects are Indecisiveness, lack of confidence, lack of knowledge and understanding, poor guidance, Procrastination

How does the problem- solving skills help students?

It helps the students to look at challenges from a fresh perspective, be more creative, and have a good calculation about the risks, prospects of the situations which helps in greater situational and social awareness

★Improves concentration, focus, and confidence

★Improves constructive and creative ways of thinking

★Helps in effective resolving of conflicts

★Strengthening their empathy skills

★Preparedness to face complex academic and interpersonal issues

★Develops an eagle eye and better goal setting strategies

★Deeper understanding of the cause and effect methods

★Happier and active minds

★Enhances the resilience capacity and situational awareness

★Improve time management capacity and develops patience.

★Making good bonds and lasting relationship Problems solving training programs help the institutions in preparing students with strong, bright, creative minds which are very much important in attracting the right opportunities.

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