Interns should understand participation in this program is not an offer of employment, and successful completion of the program does not entitle you to an employment offer from Basilmind. Upon successful completion of the internship, you’ll be receiving a letter of recommendation and a certificate of completion.

 The company would assist you In understanding the basic concepts of Counselling and therapies. Allows you to do shadowing with the real cases Based on the availability will also provide real simple cases to understand with hands-on experience. Allows you to conduct Psychoeducation Workshops for different groups in different settings.

Things to keep in mind about the Providing Certification.

  1. Only on successful completion of the internship hours and assignments given a completion certificate will be provided

 2. An intern should reach out to the concerned person and finish all the documentation, and other certificate works required for their academic purpose within a week after completion of the Internship.

 3. In the sole interest of the company, the company might give you an offer letter or recommendation based on your performance.

 4.We also request you to give a google review based on the experience and knowledge that you received

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