Relationship issues

Relationship issues are quite common in every relationship and dealing with challenges with communication, disagreements, fears about the future so on and so forth is much more effective is very important to have a healthy and happy relationship. Sometimes relationships tend to fail or become vulnerable because of high expectations and dissatisfaction is the main reason for relationship issues.

 Feelings like extreme anger, ego, jealousy, greed, extreme attachment to certain things, insecurities, arrogance, dishonesty, and disrespect are the leading and main causes of toxic and abusive relationships which stumbles the growth of individuals in relationships along with blocking them from living a healthy happy life. Relationships get strained at some or other point in time resulting from the failure of optimal function and self-reinforcement, and maladaptive abusive patterns, and these patterns are called “negative interaction cycles”.

 There are two fundamental kinds of conflicts that arise in relationships they are Solvable problems which are usually more specific and situational and perceptual problems which are mainly the result of misunderstandings and poor communication, understanding the type of problem is very important before attempting to solve it in the right direction of a healthy manner.

 Situational changes like financial state, physical health, societal norms, compatibility issues, and other family-related conflicts can have a profound influence on the behavior of people who are in relationships

 We at Basilmind help you in building a healthy and sustainable relationship that lasts longer and more fruitful with our experienced and professional experts. We aim to help the individuals in mending their relationships along with enhancing a deeper sense of self-actualization.

 Relationship counseling which is also called couple counseling is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on improving and igniting the spark in the relationships that tend to reduce or lose if not taken proper care. Our Psychotherapists and counselors focus on helping people to find a meaningful life understanding their gaps and requirements making them complete and open to the challenges and building a strong yet gentle mindset. We explore the deep-rooted issues in relationships and work on their communication to improve interaction and resolve conflicts.

While many often think that relationship counseling is only for couples who are detaching or in conflict but this therapy is useful for healthy couples as it also benefits them by strengthening their connection and communication.

What are the issues that can be resolved in relationship counseling? The very common and most prevalent relationship issues that every couple often faces are.

· Trouble expressing feelings to one another.

· Unsolvable disagreements

· Criticism,withdrawal,or contempt interactions

· Stressful events that damage relationships and daily life.

· To overcome weak bonding in order to build a strong relationships

· Infidelity, addictions, or abuse

 Relationship counseling can be started even without any obvious serious problems to build a strong foundation and prevent the development of serious problems.

 Relationship counselling can be a good way to establish realistic expectations and develop great bonds, and healthy communication skills that will be a great support for strengthening any relationships. This relationship counselling or therapy isn’t just for a married couple but also for cohabiting, non-monogamous, LGBTQA people also can benefit. It is also helpful for siblings dealing with family issues or even business partners.

At Basilmind we promote and provide Integrative Mental health care and Holistic wellness.

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